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Qball in the Classroom

The Qball makes classroom participation fun and exciting!

More than 40,000 students use the Qball everyday!

Plug & Play

The Qball is designed to work with your existing classroom audio systems. Don't have an audio system? We've got you covered! The Qball works with most Bluetooth speakers, or even plain ol' desktop computer speakers. view the technical specs here

The talking stick 2.o

Just like the Talking Stick, or the Conch...,the Qball helps manage classroom discussions.  

If you have the Qball, then you have the floor.

Hear and Be Heard

Many factors can affect a students ability to hear. On average, speech must be heard at 15db over ambient noise levels in the classroom. That’s more than 2X what an adult needs! Everything from air conditioning units, to classroom accoustics and layout can impact this. Not to mention those quiet talkers...

But don't take our word for it...

  • “I have used the Qball in my second grade classroom, and it has been incredibly effective at engaging my students in mini-lessons. It gives my shy students a voice, allows opportunity to develop verbal skills, non- verbal communication and gross motor skills”

  • “My students LOVE the Qball!  We use it in class for fun as well as during Instructional times for things like Socratic Seminars (whoever has the ball has the floor), quick checkins around the classroom and during team building in the beginning of the year” - Ashley

  • “We all love it!  It has been such a wonderful addition to our classroom experience.  Students feel honored to share, and glad to pass the ball along to others. It helps increase engagement because of the movement, amplified sound, and fun of throwing a ball!” - Michelle

  • “I purchased this ball for one of my daughter’s teachers.  I am the school nurse and I encourage movement in the classroom.  The Qball is a great tool to add a little movement that gives the most soft spoken student a fun way to be heard.” - Kieran

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