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Throw your voice

Engage your audience with Qball, the throwable wireless microphone. For kids, for adults, for businesses—for everyone!

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Buy Qball Throwable Wireless Microphone

Your portable, throwable microphone. The Qball is made of a light, soft, and durable foam, designed to take a beating. The microphone automatically shuts off while in flight so you don't get any unwanted thumps or bumps over the speakers. The Qball also features our exclusive Battery-Saver feature. If no movement is detected for 10 minutes, the Qball will automatically go into standby mode to save on power. Perfect for events, conferences, classrooms, and audience engagement.

Technical Features

  • Operating frequency - 2.4GHZ ISM Band (2.400-2.485 Ghz)
  • Operating range - 75ft
  • Quiet Toss
  • Automatic Freqency Selection
  • Signal type - Digital
  • Battery Life - 10+ hours
  • Battery Saver
  • Microphone inside
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Give Every Child A Voice

As one teacher told us, Kids + Microphones = A Winning Combination. We couldn't agree more. With the Qball, students not only want to participate, but they actually learn more when everyone can hear what the teacher and their fellow students are saying.

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Stop the Run-Around

We all love going to events. What we don't love... waiting for the poor guy running the mic around the room. With the Qball you can simply toss the mic!

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Own the Boardroom

How many times have we huddled around the conference room microphone for those weekly video calls? With the Qball, you can say goodbye to the days of trying to talk over everyone else in the room. If you've got the ball, you've got the floor.

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  • Range

    Up to 75 feet from the Microphone to the Receiver

  • Frequency

    The Qball uses the Hassle-Free 2.4 Ghz Range

  • Battery

    Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery  with 10+ Hr Talk-Time

  • Material

    The Qball is Made of a Soft yet Durable Foam 

  • Presenter Microphone

    The Microphone may be used Independently as a standalone Presenter Mic, then pop it in the Qball when it's Q&A time

  • Audio Out

    The Receiver connects to your Speaker System or Computer via a standard 3.5mm AUX Jack.

  • Audio In

    Connect your Phone or Laptop into our 3.5mm Audio In, and our built in mixer will seamlessly blend the music and your voice

  • Quiet Toss

    Our built in Sensors Detect when the Qball is in Motion and Automatically shut off the Microphone to eliminate unwanted thumps and bumps  

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