Qball Uses

What Makes Qball Amazing

  • Soft & durable
  • Increase engagement
  • Give everyone a voice
  • Easy to set up & use

Getting Started


Easy to Order

Purchase your Qball online or submit a purchase order.


Easy to Set Up

Plugs into your audio system with a standard AUX cable.


Easy to Use

Soft, yet durable foam is easy to throw and catch.

Buy Qball Today

Qball Throwable Microphone

The throwable wireless microphone – perfect for classrooms, events, trainings, and more. CD quality sound, battery lasts 10+ hours, and a range of up to 75 feet! The Qball is made of light, soft, and durable foam, designed to take a beating. The microphone automatically shuts off while in flight (or dropped) so you don’t get any unwanted thumps or bumps over the speakers.

$ 179.00
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