Why Qball?


“As a student, I always preferred the back row. It gave me the ability to sit back and observe and hopefully avoid drawing attention. At times, this created a challenge in both hearing and understanding my fellow students. I spent more time trying to figure out what was said than actually paying attention to the lesson.


As an adult, I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing schools and teachers across the country and observed many students facing similar challenges. I designed the Qball to solve this problem, while giving teachers a fun and innovative way to capture each student’s attention and spark their curiosity.”

-Shane Cox – Qball Creator


The Qball isn’t just a one-man operation anymore – there’s a growing team making sure your questions are answered and you’re getting any help you need.

why qball

General Specifications

Operating Frequency  2.4GHz ISM Band (2.400-2.485 Ghz)
Operating Range 75ft
Operating Temperature Range Operating Temperature – 32°F (0°C) to 100°F(38°C)
Automatic Frequency Selection Yes
Signal Type Digital
Latency 12.5ms Minimum

Receiver Specifications

Power Supply 5Volt 1.0 Amp MicroUSB
Audio Output 3.5mm Stereo (mini)
Audio In 3.5mm Stereo (mini)
# of microphones supported 2
Dimensions 3.8″3.8″x1.1″
Weight 3.1oz

Microphone Specifications

Charging Port 5Volt 1.0 Amp MicroUSB
Battery Size 950MaH Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Life 10+ hours
Lapel Mic Input 3.5mm Mono(mini)
Gain Control yes
Range Limiter Yes High-lo Power Switch
Auto/Sleep shutoff 10 Min Standby/2 hr shutoff
Quiet Toss Auto-mute when in motion
Dimensions 3.5″x1.5″x1″
Weight 2.2oz

Ball Specifications

Material PU Foam
Dimensions 8″ Diameter
Weight 1lb 1oz