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Qball in The Classroom

Hear and Be Heard

Many factors can affect a student’s ability to hear. On average, speech must be heard at 15db over ambient noise levels in the classroom. That’s more than 2X what an adult needs!

Classroom challenges for children include:

  • Everything from air conditioning units, to classroom acoustics and layout can impact a child’s ability to hear and learn
  • Quiet talkers
  • “Teacher’s voice” – sore throats from having to talk all day
  • Sedentary students – activity (like throwing a ball) grows a better brain!
  • Download the WhitePaper, When Kids Can’t Hear, to learn more

Just like a Talking Stick, the Qball helps manage classroom discussions and increases learning. Add a Presenter Microphone to amplify the teacher’s voice, too, saving the strain that teachers feel from talking all day long.


The Qball is easy to set up! It’s designed to work with most speakers, including:

  • Existing classroom audio systems
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Desktop computer speakers

As long as the speaker has an auxiliary input, you’re set to jet! Interested in the technical specs? View them here.


We’ve created an easy purchasing process that’s enabled over 8,000 classrooms to use the Qball in their classroom – stress free! We’re here, every step of the way, to ensure you have what you need.

Available resources include:


Looking for a fresh way to use the Qball in your classroom? We’re here to help!

Discover the many ways to use the Qball by exploring:

  • Customized covers to incorporate games, mascots, and more!
  • The Alexa Hack
  • Our Twitter Feed (@goPEEQ)
  • Our Knowledge Base/YouTube

Financial Assistance

Love the Qball but have some budgetary restrictions? We totally understand. We have a few options that may help you get your Qball Quicker.

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